It took me many years to heal the aftermath of my food intolerance and sugar sensitivity, overcome my addiction to sugar and to learn that instead of controlling me with unhealthy cravings, food is supposed to fuel me, giving me lasting energy and to maintain the repair work of my physical body.

A big support on the way were many, many books, a few knowledgeable people and my discovery of raw chocolate. At some point in the future I would like to train as a Nutritional Advisor, until then I simply share my story and lead by example.

One of my intolerances is cow’s milk. It is interesting to come to the understanding that less than half the world population actually tolerates milk! Until a few thousand years ago, no humans were able to tolerate milk because they were lacking the digestive enzyme. It was a genetic mutation that enabled them to tolerate milk for the first time, commonly found in Europe. Watch out for symptoms like headache and bloating.

Hearing the term “Sugar Sensitivity” was almost reassuring. Refined Cane Sugar has addictive tendencies similar to heroin, both accessing the same area in the brain that makes us feel good, which can have an even bigger impact on someone with a sensitivity to sugar. Cane Sugar has a high glycaemic index which translates in high blood sugar rises followed by blood sugar crashes, with the end result being cravings for more sweet food.

I now use agave nectar or Xylitol as natural sweeteners with a low glycaemic index to keep my blood sugar stable. Additionally,  I have begun adding a little bit more protein to my breakfast  which eliminated any remaining sugar cravings and also supported  the natural repair work of my body. The walls of our cells consist  mainly of protein, and sugar is said to inhibit the function of protein.

Visit The Sugar Hangover Diaries to learn from my own experiences with sugar if you would like to  learn more about the effect sugar can have on us.

Raw Chocolate consists of 100% cacao solids that have been  either cold pressed or lightly heated below 46 Celsius so that all the natural goodness isn’t burned away, which unfortunately  happens during the common mass processing. Also, by adding milk to cacao, a chemical reaction destroys further minerals and  vitamins.

raw cacao

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