Healing Yourself

We tend to underestimate our own strengths at times and forget that it is us that does the healing, not someone else. We need to decide how we want to feel and work towards that vision of ours. We can ask for help and consult those who are specialists in a field that would support our vision, but in the end it comes down to us and what we do with the advice and treatment we have received.

Are you prepared to commit to yourself, totally, at every level, and promise yourself that you are willing to heal? It might not be an easy decision, but once you’ve take the first step, it can change your life forever.

I have completed courses in Clinical Healthcare, Subtle Energy Healing, Tui Na Massage and basic counselling skills. All of these courses have greatly contributed to my awareness of self and enhanced my understanding of how we ourselves are the main player in our own wellbeing.

But instead of healing others, or fixing their problems for them, so to speak, I would much rather like to draw the attention to the fact that you yourself can greatly contribute to your own healing, by learning how your body works, what foods it actually really needs and how outside influences can affect us.

And wouldn’t it be so much better to be in control of yourself than have someone else tower over you telling you what to do?


This means holding the right thoughts in our head, nutritious food in our gut and looking well after our vehicle, the physical self.

We are much more than just a physical being. What makes us who we are, is a vast system of ideas, believes and a sequence of unseen processes which are fuelled by what we  take in not only visually and auditory but also through digestion of food and through our subtle energy centres (chakras).

Our physical self needs the energy that wholesome food gives us just as our energetic self needs a more subtle energy to run effectively.

We can tune into these subtle energies and allow blockages to be released gently to enable an adequate flow of energy within our physical body. Thoughts manifest first in the  subtle bodies and if not changed can grow to impact on our physical self. If we only ever work on the end stage problems  (i.e. physical ailments) and never on the actual root problem (thoughts and emotions) we will never progress form where we are.

Acquiring the skill of Tui Na Massage, an ancient Chinese healing tradition, brought my understanding of the relationship between the physical and energetic self to new heights. It added an extra dimension to my understanding of “healing” and is a great gift to myself on my own healing journey and one I can also apply as part of helping others.

Life is a healing journey, and everyone faces their own tests and trials. We can learn a lot about our own healing by practicing empathy and understanding instead of condemning or assaulting others for their seemingly odd life choices.

So if you really want to change, you have got to make the first step by actually wanting to heal and to commit to yourself during the process. It is the process of life, finding out who you really are and what you want out of life. The first step is half the battle won!

Happy to talk about it if you need help with your first step! 😉


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