About Myself

“I am an idealistic dreamer, hopeful fanatic, full of pride and remorse, shaped by the past like the Grand Canyon by water”.

“I am a lacking painter, fascinated photographer, marvelling spiritualist, exceeding health care practitioner, overwhelming story-teller, vivid scientist, aspiring world teacher, ambitious student of life, a human female with eternal heart, caring soul, highly sensitive introvert, eager explorer, never tiring first aider, bright eyed and bushy tailed, beautiful in the eye of the beholder, excessive thinker, homeland escapee, curiosity induced, certified graphic designer, foreign language secretary, clinical healthcare support worker, health and wellbeing promoter, energy healer, acupressure massage therapist, contradicting my own rights, worrying warrior, inspirational individual, self-appointed entrepreneur, obnoxious perfectionist, incapacitated know-it-all, occasional musician, indigenous earth dweller, lover of flowers, trees, nature and all elements, enthusiastic gardener, excited vegetable grower, allusive cook, avid raw chocolate advocate, night sky watcher, sunrise lover, sunset marveller,  moon notorious, trying self-imposter, peace-loving kickboxer, encompassing yoga practitioner, elusive new age meditator,  a being on the verge of perfection and yet not perfected at all, aware that I know a lot, but not nearly enough to know at all”.

Who will I be tomorrow?


Writing brings clarity into my mind. With each story I share it feels like I am getting closer to finding inner peace. I draw inspiration from my own experiences and thoughts as well as what I observe in the world around me. I refer to the Sacred Centre as the Inner Self that lies within you, within your heart centre,  in the centre of your chest. Seeing the world with your heart, not with your head will put a smile on your face. It brings you one step closer to the rest of the world, one step closer to yourself.

I invite you to see the world through my eyes.

Always happy to hear your thoughts 😉



In the eyes of a friend
To Anna, who’s energy seems never to tire, your enthusiasm and creativity serve to inspire!
Your ideas and projects bring joy all around, and your singing bowls vibrate a haunting sound.
On a mission to help others, to serve and to heal, and never one to miss a jolly good meal 😉
Dear Anna keeping shining out your radiant light, you are an amazing soul, pure, sweet and bright 🙂

April 2013
Thank you Alexia! 😉


“The right way  is the  middle way.”