Universal Thoughts

by Anna

So I happen to see a TV programme with Professor Brian Cox in which he analyses why we are here and where we might have come from.

He touched thought provoking topics like if the stone that supposedly hit the earth and caused a halt to the life of dinosaurs never actually did hit the earth, would dinosaurs still be alive? And would that mean that we would have never come into existence?

He explains that for anything to come into existence the conditions need to be right. He mentions another theory of the creation of our universe which says that before the existence of our universe there was just a sort of waving energy or frequency and one day one wave dropped a little lower than usual and that caused the molecule at the tip of that wave to transform, causing what we might call the Big Bang and henceforth our universe began to expand.

Two questions arise to us with human consciousness and the will to know the answer: what was this energy and where did it come from? If all our existence is based on a mere coincidence, a mere blip in a chemical solution, no purpose, nor higher force or deities involved, then what is our purpose in life?

This thesis is probably not going to make any change to atheists. However, those who believe in a guiding force, a higher purpose and a paradise or place to go after physical death, they will likely find this topic a little difficult to digest.


I am somewhere between atheist and believer. I believe that there is an energetic link between everything in our universe and that there are certain laws at work that make life possible and that we can even work with that energy on a subtle level. But I don’t believe that a bearded man with a long frock is the one and only who has created it all. I much rather believe that this energy has a consciousness of its own and can take on any form or shape that is suitable.

And this is why I am really excited to hear Professor Cox talk about this energetic frequency that was already present before our universe came into being.

My belief that I am somewhat guided in my life purpose and how I witness that I seem to be at the right place at the right time with incredible, almost unbelievable outcomes and opportunities at times, and at the same time see how others seem to be less fortunate and run from one accident into the next, this new take on our existence has slightly changed my perception of my life purpose.

Instead of following a life purpose I am quite likely simply matching that very frequency that surrounds and permeates our universe and beyond. And because it matches it simply creates wonders in front of me. Another factor is that I don’t push for results. I let them come into existence naturally. So if you feel that you are never getting anywhere, least of all what you want, then maybe you are not acting in the best interest of your life. Life creates when the conditions are right. So my suggestion would be to be grateful for what you have, to be patient and wait for the right moment and to be willing to make the best out of any moment of your life.

So what do we know about the time after our life? Not much, maybe we simply become part of that never ending energy again. And maybe we keep some of our consciousness when we go there which would explain why we sometimes meet those that had gone.

Too big a topic and way too much uncertainty about the wheres and whys and what ifs. Again it is you that decides what you do with your life. Do you want to maintain a sense of purpose and live happy? Or do you rather do what you want to do and force your way through a miserable way of living?

Sit back for a moment and think. The choice is yours 😉