Changing the World from the Inside

by Anna

Contemplating the first Gene Key I was well and truly surprised by the accuracy Richard Rudd’s book “Gene Keys” describes aspects of my life as if he had known me since I was born. This extra knowledge provided by the Gene Keys made the ground beneath me stronger and offered me a supporting reassurance that I must be on the right path. For some background info on the topic please read my introductory post on “The Key to our Genes“.

My first Gene Key is the 49th with the fascinatingly apt title “changing the world from the inside”.  This is my so called “Life’s Work”, a calling that has already made its way into my conscious awareness, having done a lot of work to raise other’s awareness of their Sacred Centre, their Inner Self for the past couple of years. It seemed quite natural to me to pursue this idea, the calling to help others find a still point and begin to heal from within. However tough a journey, I couldn’t possibly ignore it.

I further learned that the 49th Shadow of Reaction is one of the most powerful of all 64 shadows and has a big influence on human behaviour. It can lead to the ability to emotionally cut yourself off from others, something I am only too familiar with. This behavioural trait has descended along our genetic history with the original purpose being to enable us to kill for survival.

Richard Rudd sais that it was our ability to kill that created our need for spirituality, to justify the killing of others. All reaction comes from a one-sided subjective belief of good and evil. If you carry on seeing your own people as good and others as evil you will remain a prisoner of this Shadow.  Reaction is the key. All issues arise from a reaction to others, it can’t occur without relationships.

The fuel of Reaction is the fear of rejection. One of our greatest fear is being cut off from our feeling of unity, our connection to our wider family or even our God. This is mirrored in an unconscious memory of being separated from our mother at birth. However, being separate from one another is an illusion and we are all in fact a single world tribe emerging from one Mitochondrial Eve.

The Gene Key taught me that with increased awareness we begin to stop our ancient reaction pattern and learn not to react to our fear of rejection so that this fear is losing its grip on us. We are interconnected through our auric field and will come to understand that there is no possible rejection or abandonment.


The biggest insights for me from the Gene Keys are the need to change the world and at the same time cutting myself off from the world by emotionally detaching myself from others out of fear of rejection and hurt, which after all doesn’t appear to stem from my abandonment issues with my father but actually from the disconnection from my mother’s body at birth, a perfectly natural occurrence in everyone’s life and yet an event that could potentially lead to an unconscious fear of rejection.

Richard Rudd sais that the very same ancient energy that we used to kill at a lower frequency will at a higher frequency cause destruction of all things at a lower frequency. The purpose of the 49th Gene Key is to bring this explosive new energy and awareness into the world at a collective and cultural level. Which explains my immense power and strength to change things for the better and also to set up the Awareness Spa, to raise exactly that mentioned awareness, and frequency. The Gift of the 49th Gene Key is to resolve conflicts and at the same time implement radical changes and ideas based upon a grand vision of the future, based on a deep goodwill toward all creatures.

And grand future visions do I have aplenty! And kicking and pushing boundaries I have done a lot as well. And the truth is, however tiring and sometimes pointless it seems, I can’t get enough of it. The visions are imprints that emerge from the collective unconscious and more and more people either raise their frequency naturally or are born with their Shadow neutralised. Whichever way around I do it, I have plenty of inspirational material emerging from my unconscious.

The same energy we used to kill actually gives birth to our total freedom. Insight comes with the understanding that the world in its current from cannot be fixed. The only way to start a new future is to start from scratch. This might be harsh but the 49th Gene Key is set upon a far distant goal which can only be accomplished with a new beginning – a rebirth. This depends on us following our visions. The rebirth of consciousness cannot take place if we cannot create the waves of the new revolution at all levels of society. Only because we can’t fix the world doesn’t mean that we cannot make it a better place. Our vision of the perfect future is precisely what creates the necessary frequency shift. It will happen because it must happen.

Richard Rudd exclaims that every human being that has reached true enlightenment has experienced such a rebirth. They force the physical DNA to mutate prematurely so that the human form can accommodate the future awareness. If you have the 49th Gene Key in your profile you are potentially one of those. Isn’t that a beautiful thing to ponder on?

It surely is, and powerful it is as well. This force that I have been carrying with me for so long, suppressed still as child but even then already coming to the surface in unexpected bouts, has taken over and is pulling me along this exciting path of changing the world. Changing it from the inside, the “quiet revolution”, a shift in frequency that will happen because it must happen. A big task, often daunting, but at the end of the day a higher purpose that I was born with.

Things I ought to change in my life in order to change the world are the tendency to shut myself off, to exclude others from myself. To draw from the realisation that everyone around me is interconnected with my aura, benefitting from my radiance just as much as I can benefit from that insight into the collective unconscious pool of mystical truths. I always knew that I was a born fighter and believed that this strong current of energy within me was a result of fighting my way through oppressive beliefs and other’s patronising opinions. But now I would even consider that this energy was with me since the day I was born as part of the 49th Gene Key “changing the world from the inside”.

Do you want to share this journey with me or even recognize yourself in it? Order your free profile from the Gene Keys website and discover your own genius!