The Key to our Genes

by Anna

I listened to this very insightful man talk about Gene Keys (, a unique geometry consisting of our 64 genes, based on our date and place of birth in our moving universe, that can offer us clues to ourselves, our being and behaviour, as well as our purpose in life. I was instantly hooked.

Having gained a little insight into my genetic past last year (My Mitochondrial Past, Incarnation vs Mutation, The Call of Life), the question of how much awareness our genes have beyond our knowing and whether they have any influence on our spiritual development as much as our physiology, has neither settled nor encountered a satisfactory answer. Richard Rudd and his hologenetic profile might be just the answer I was after.

Anna Hologenetic Profile

So that is my profile. And when I began to read about the 49th gene, my heart began to pound. According to the book, my Life’s Work is to “change the world from the inside”. That very first line was enough for me to believe that I was onto something incredibly worthwhile here. This simple sentence not only confirmed all my efforts over the past few years to help humanity find their “Inner Self“, but also encouraged me to carry on changing the world for the better, however insignificant my steps and progress may seem.

The profile consists of three phases: discovering your genius, opening your heart through relationships  and releasing your prosperity through simplicity. The Gene Keys won’t serve you the answer but encourage you to find your true calling and illuminate your life’s path by contemplating on life and your reaction to it. To help me find my way and maybe even enlighten yours a little, I will share my contemplations and insights while I work through my hologenetic profile with you here.

And if you would like to share that journey with me, then get yourself on the path and download your free profile now and order the book as soon as you can. You can download your free profile from his website to give you an idea about your own geometry, but you will need his book to understand the message behind your genes ( And I highly recommend it! It’s a bargain!

Looking forward to this exciting little project 🙂