On Auras and Empowerment

by Anna

Last month I had a polaroid picture of my aura taken. “Anna. . .what? . .really. . .what r u on about?” Someone promptly asked.

An aura is the energetic field around our physical body. Besides our  electromagnetic field it can represent our emotional and mental states and can indicate where we are in life at the moment. A clever Mr Semyon Kirlian accidentally discovered in 1939 that if objects with a high-voltage source are placed on a photographic plate, they produce an image on it. This was then called electrophotography or “Kirlian Photography”.  To take an aura photo you put your hands on a metal detector which distributes your electricity to the camera.

Though there is still a lot of debate about the buts and ifs and hows of this mysterious energetic field and it’s photographic evidence, though not proof at all, I think it is good fun and worth it for the sakes of a colourful polaroid and an engaging reading with a medium or clairvoyant. What you think of it and do with it is up to you.

It is now about five years since my first aura photo. Back then my picture was mainly blue and green (excuse the poor copy quality). The medium then spoke about my own form of healing in connection with “Atlantean Healing”, mentioned that I learn a lot and that it will still take a few years until I will establish my own healing business (to my disappointment). He also said that it was unusual that the clear blue was so close to my head. He also mentioned creativity, nursing and typing on a computer, which all apply to me.

Ever since I have been wondering if there was much difference if I had another one taken. In all fairness, it would probably already look different 5 minutes later. Anyway, the opportunity came on the London Yoga Show last month where there was a stall for aura photography. I had been looking for the polaroid photo version because the computerised photo prints are just not as nice, but also seemingly difficult to find.

So here I was, five years down the line, full of exciting new projects, and a completely different person to who I was back then. And my god did it show!

I wasn’t even recognizable! A shear explosion of red and yellow, nothing else. The clairvoyant said it was very unusual that the colours would hide the person. He estimated my face to be somewhere in the yellow area. He also identified two colour hues that he had not seen as such, a dark purplish red and a faint greyish blue in the centre of the photo, again, very unusual, he said. The red on the outside stands for practical work, with hands, whereas the yellow represents the mental plane, teaching and knowledge. The purple spot on my right side is my spiritual sense and knowledge and the faint green on my left is trying to create balance. All in all I am full of activity with a lot of potential and only need to find a way to channel it all into a good practical skill.

And that’s where the problem lies. Over the past five years I have changed, have learned a lot, acquired many new skills – energy healing as well as more recently acupressure massage – and was now at a point where I was full of it and didn’t know how to give birth to the idea to help others improve their lives and themselves. I had, however, started to teach and offer workshops tat the beginning of his year.

A mere two days prior to the day I had the last aura photo taken I was attending a networking meeting. When it was my turn to talk a little bit about my project and what I had on offer, all I did was babble along, spitting out words as they appeared in my head and henceforth caused utter confusion in the group.

“What is it exactly that you do? And what do you want to tell us?” Oh the embarrassment of it.

I just want to help. And I have all these fantastic tools, yet feel that others either don’t understand them or simply don’t understand me. Ah, yet another epiphany 🙂

In the nicest possible way I was told that: “I dont need to advertise all my skills and knowledge in one go – most of it will shine through in my daily work anyway”. I need to concentrate on one point, one aspect, and work on perfecting it.

The clairvoyant advised me to wear more red to turn my knowledge into practice. I don’t particularly like red…

With these two recent experiences in mind I entered the Kundalini Yoga Workshop. All good and fun until we were asked to turn to the person on our right. Both people on either side of me had turned and vanished somewhere else (kinda like sports class back in school), and I suddenly found myself facing the very small lady that had been standing in front of me. Again, first judgement: she is soo tiny.

“You are very tall”, she said promptly. We giggled awkwardly. Turns out that this exercise was to acknowledge us and others just as we are. We had to put our right hand out with the palm of the hand facing close towards the other’s heart and to look into the other’s left eye. We were to see our inner self reflecting back at us, for we are all one. The little lady had to reach high to come close to my heart and I could tell she found it difficult to hold her gaze on my left eye. Her eyes kept wandering off and at one point I feared she would burst into tears.

Suddenly I was very aware of the power that was emanating from me, my red aura, pouring over this small being. I tried to hold it back, to smile a little, to soften my gaze, to minimise the effect my tall appearance had on this much smaller person. I felt like I was towering over her, like a huge stone statue, and I didn’t like it at all.

When I was 12 I used to test my “power gaze” on the priest of my communion class. The custom was for the priest to hold every child’s hand upon entering the hall and to say a little verse. I was the small one back then, but I stared straight up into the eyes of the priest, strong and bold, which lead to moving eyes and some stumbling over words at times. No idea what I tried to prove back then, but in the end I was the only one out of a group of 30 who refused to receive the holy communion.

But now, this situation didn’t need power, it needed empowerment. At the end of this exercise everyone hugged their partner and returned to their space.

I don’t want to be scary!  I only want to help. I just need to find a way to better articulate myself and focus.