Prana and the Heart Beat

by Anna

I recently had to write an assignment about the human heart and despite the fact that I had learned about the basic anatomy and the flow of blood through the heart years ago, I was not, until now, aware of the function of our “natural pacemaker”. This is namely the sinoatrial node, which triggers an electric impulse that pushes the blood out of the heart on its journey around the body.

My curiosity was awakened trying to figure out what exactly it is that triggers this node. All medical notes agree that it is controlled by the autonomic or involuntary nervous system, the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system and functions largely below the level of our consciousness. Well, this is very interesting indeed, and it is quite amazing to realise that my whole physical existence relies on that one little node to keep me in sinus rhythm. A similar example is breathing, which also is triggered by the involuntary nervous system.

Yet, for me it wasn’t enough to just give in to the remote explanation that my heart runs by some unconscious response system. Call me a fantasist, but to me it is clear that this is where the universal life force comes in. This basic subtle energy, call it prana, qi or simply energy, permeates everything. It’s what spins the atom and thus creates life. It is unfortunate that the majority of people are oblivious to the existence of a much subtler and yet higher force of life and it is even more unfortunate that it’s existence can not be proven.

Let me give you an example, which is my personal proof for the above: When I allow healing to take place with subtle energies, 90% of clients have reported a temporary rise in heart beat, coinciding at and around the time when I was applying the prana triangle.

To explain in more detail: according to Esoteric Healing, prana (life force) is assimilated by the spleen. In ordinary medicine, the spleen is not a vital organ and works mainly as a blood filter and, together with the lymphatic system, helps ward off infections. This alone suggest to me that the reason why it isn’t a vital organ is because it plays such a different role. We can live without the spleen, albeit we will be a little bit more prone to catch an infection. Etherically, within our energy body, the energetic version of the spleen will still be present, hence prana can still be harvested.

Also in Esoteric Healing, a practitioner works with triangles, meaning that three points of resonance are joined together by thought, or with the helping indication of hands. A triangle is a common divine symbol and by connecting e.g. a major chakra with an associated organ and its minor chakra, the subtle energies are activated, enabling blocked energies to flow again, with the aim to assist the natural healing of the physical body. This can often be felt in the physical body at the time, or some time after the treatment.

So, going back to the raise in heart beat. The three points that form the prana triangle are as follows: vagus point + heart minor chakra + spleen minor. This is said to distribute prana through the body. And because it incorporates the heart minor chakra, it is possible to directly affect the heart and thus cause a temporary rise in heart beat due to the enhanced flow of prana.

The vagus point, on the other hand, works with the vagus nerve which branches out into the superior cardiac branches which communicates with the cardiac branches of the sympathetic nervous system (one of the three parts of the autonomic nervous system, mainly there to mobilize the body’s fight-or-flight response). Furthermore, they lead on to the cardiac plexus, a plexus of nerves situated at the base of the heart that innervates the heart, which might also enhance the sensation of heart beat and possibly even directly affect the sinoatrial node. But this is my own speculation and obviously without any scientific evidence. And I am sincerely open to discuss this with anyone from any background – medical as well as esoteric.

Still, to me, life force has much more to do with the workings of our physical body than we might think, especially when it comes to unconscious responses. What is our unconscious anyway, other than a pool of resources that we are yet unaware of?

Happy discovering!