A Perfect Sunday Morning

by Anna

Working shifts, my job enables me to have a variety of different days off within a week.

But there is nothing that compares to an actual Sunday. Although I’m not entirely sure why that is, I have concluded that there is generally less noise outside. There are no bin men making a racket of a noise, there is no postman rattling on letter boxes, no children on their way to school and fewer people are out and about on their way to work. And even all the usually noisy people and mutating clubbers and pubbers have finally shut up and are peacefully sleeping off their hangover.

You can literally seize the peace in the air. And this is what I woke up to this morning. And I enjoyed it long enough to make it nearly 10 o’clock before I finally rolled out of bed.

This peaceful serenity was topped with my exquisitely good mood after a month of hormonal ups and downs and so I cuddled up on the sofa with my boyfriend and we had freshly baked croissants from a container that popped loudly when I opened it and revealed triangular-shaped pieces of dough which had to be rolled up and baked in the oven for an exclusive makeshift continental Sunday morning breakfast experience. Just imagine the beautiful smell!

All the while we watched children’s TV which could only be topped by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and transported me back a good 15 years to a time of blissful naivety without work and bills where the only real problems were school, boys and teenage girls.

Outside presented itself a windy and rainy September day, which was even better, because I didn’t have to feel guilty about not leaving the house!

These mere two hours made life so perfectly worthwhile. A small fraction of my life, a seemingly insignificant experience, noticed and transformed into food for the heart.