Universal Mysteries and Rubber Ducks

by Anna

At times I feel I have encoded the mysteries of the universe. Then I am back in reality as if nothing ever happened. Yet, they keep popping up, like rubber ducks amidst a chopping sea.

About two or three years ago, I wrote the following to my healing teacher at the time:

“I am at the point where I stop doubts and thoughts and just am.

And although I thought I knew quite a bit, every day brings some other revelation, realisation or experience that brings me a million times closer to what is.

I am in a strange place where the saying “those who speak don’t know, and those who know don’t speak” becomes weirdly true, because I feel like I am in a bubble full of awe and fascination of the beauty and simplicity around me that don’t need any more attention in means of loud voices and unnecessary attentionseeking procedures but just mere acceptance that it is.

Every attempt to find words to describe this state or the incredible vastness of everything, comparable to the open space where you don’t know where it ends, just leaves me speechless and takes me back into my very own centre to rest peacefully with the knowledge that is.

Every single healing session is a full success. The feedback amazing, especially with distant healing. It is incredible to witness that it is possible to send someone, that you have never met in person, nor do you know what they look like or where exactly they are, but still do you manage to make a connection with the result of them saying “hey I feel so much more vitalised, now I can do what I ought to do but couldn’t cos I felt so tired!”

Or with these out-of-body experiences in general. I had myself look at my astral projection while looking at my physical self. And I realised that I must have done that loads of times more than ten years ago already, but then I thought it was an unwelcome presence of whoever so I had to open my eyes quickly during meditation because it was so scary. Now I see that it was myself because I recognise the eyes and presence of myself which is the same as it was back then.

And when you said that I should think why I would want to develop these astral projections, I came to the conclusion that this is exactly why I feel the need to help the world. Because I have abilities that can be helpful. But I also know that this is still a long, long way to go.

Every book I read gives me examples and explanations to things that have been going on with myself for soo long and that I never knew an answer to. It doesn’t stop. It all makes so much sense now that again, it leaves me speechless.

I am and I know.”

Now, I am a little embarrassed about this weird outburst of what appears a moment of light-headedness. But in that very moment it was all very true and real.

Three years on, and I am non the wiser 🙂

The more I learn, the more I realise that I know nothing.

And in a way, that is rather reassuring, for what would I do if I knew it all?