How Do We Do Nothing?

by Anna

While trying to explain to my mom why I hadn’t returned any of her calls recently I said that I had been soo busy and every now and again tried to do nothing for a change as well. And she asked candidly: ” When, or how, do you do nothing?”

Yes, what do I do when I do nothing?

Just the pure act of “doing” nothing already implies that I actually am doing something. No matter how hard I try, I will always be doing something, even if it is the simply act of breathing.

So what do we mean when we imply that we are doing nothing? I assume that we usually want to get away from our usual everyday tasks and duties and relax.

Thinking about a moment when I feel closest to doing nothing I came to the conclusion that it happens when I am fully there in the present moment and happy with myself. And if it should compare to doing nothing then I should indeed not be doing much in that moment. This would bring us to meditation. Of course, I am meditating compared to doing nothing, but once I am fully relaxed, watching fresh air filling my lungs naturally with each in breath and letting go of any worries and tensions on the out breath, I experience a moment in which I’m not doing anything constructive but instead am able to unwind and experience a deep level of relaxation.

If you are conscious of living in the present moment, you might experience these moments of bliss even when you are not meditating or actively letting go. You might find yourself adoring a beautiful flower, reading a really good book, watching the clouds move by, noticing the smell after a summer rain…

Today I found myself sitting on top of the South Downs overlooking the green land stretched out in front of me and I thought that this is what God must feel like looking upon his creations. Of course I didn’t create any of it but after a short centering in my heart centre, connecting to my higher self and grounding in the earth I felt such an immense feeling of peace and pure happiness that is difficult to describe with words. Apart from the wind and the bird’s twittering there were no other sounds and the clouds moved majestically along the sky pulling massive shadows along with them casting them over the green hills and fields.

And in all this sheer beauty of the moment I found myself doing absolutely nothing until the wind got the better of me and drove me back to the car, jittering with cold, bare feet touching the lush green grass and eyes squinting against the sun revealed by the clouds every now and again. These few precious minutes up there were enough to recharge my batteries to the full.

So go out there and get blown about by the wind, get your feet out of your tight shoes, laugh at the sun and even the rain and enjoy the special moment in every minute of the day!