The Power of Thought

by Anna

There is an ever-increasing awareness that positive thought does contribute to a better lifestyle. But do we actually really understand what that means?

Last week I had an interesting conversation in which a lady told me about a part in herself, which she gave a rather mundane name, but which also helped her to achieve better health. She would literally call this part in herself by its name and say: “I am not feeling so well, please help me to get better soon.” And even after having had an operation on her foot, her doctor was surprised at the fast rate of healing she experienced.

I can give you two explanations as to how and why her approach works. First of all, we all have a tremendous capacity to self-heal and applying the esoteric law that “Energy follows Thought” she directed her thoughts exactly to where healing was needed. The other thing she probably unknowingly did was to connect with the Devas (beings of nature) of the part of her body in need of healing which promptly followed her request for faster healing and set to work.

I understand that these are complex theories which don’t work for everyone, particularly if there is no previous knowledge to base it on. But having experienced the almost unbelievable effect of pure thought send out and the accurate result that follows it still leaves even me gobsmacked at times.

The most profound and also least understood experiences are encountered during a healing treatment in which I use my thoughts to direct the flow of energy through and around the body. Some people will be aware of the shifting energies, others will leave none the wiser. It makes me sad when people openly proclaim (and it is their right to do so) that they don’t feel they benefit from a treatment unless it involved some sort of touch as in a massage for example. But this is their thought, and I shouldn’t let myself be put down by it.

Nowadays we give far too much responsiblity to the medical and pharmaceutical enterprises instead of going within and heal ourselves. And even if we consider alternative approaches, it still means that we haven’t really understood how powerful we are. And it is obvious though, isn’t it? All we do with our thoughts is to look for treatments, look for solutions look for someone who can help us. But by doing so, our thoughts are all over the place looking around us for answers. We have forgotten that most answers lay right inside of us. And this equates to most of our daily life issues. Of course, I am not telling you to ignore the medical profession! I just wish that medical and alternative practitioners could work more closely together, because together it would be really effective instead of both just battling on alone. But this will probably still take a while…

Another great way of playing with the power of our thoughts and also a good starting point to begin to understand the complexity of it is “cosmic ordering”. Again, whichever way you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. It is based on the Law of Attraction: what you put out you will get. This can mean to simply hold a thought in your mind of something you would really like to achieve or possess, or if it is a little more complex you can also write it down. The important thing to bear in mind is that it works best if you believe that you already have what you desire. Because this way the law off attraction will give you more of what you already have.

But be careful what you wish for! I once wished to find someone who loved me and ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship where he thoroughly believed he loved me but in a rather unhealthy and addictive way. Concentrate on positive expressions and leave out negative wordings like “no” and “not” and instead focus on the things you do want.

Think pure, think simple, base it on divine love and while maintaining the sensation of having it in your life at the same time let go of it and lean back knowing that whatever happens will happen for a reason.

This, I believe, is the way to live.