Letting Go in Three Steps – Step One: Get Away

by Anna

Once a year I go on  a little adventure. Whenever I happen to have a few days off I take out my map (or consult google maps) and look where I haven’t yet been but wonder what it may look like. I pick and mix an affordable accommodation with a decent countryside and go.

A change of scenery has many benefits. It brings a welcome change to routine life, widens your horizon and keeps your mind open and interested. For me, such short breaks are a breath of fresh air and form my annual “free spirit escape”.

Obviously I go on my own. I need this time to be able to unwind and release all fear and expectations I have taken on from people around me. On my little getaways I can simply just be who I want to be and do what I want to do without worrying about anyone else. And I do generally worry a lot, which does in no way mean that I turn into a careless monster the minute I leave home. No, I can without remorse simply do nothing if that’s what I wish to do.

What better place could there be to relax and unwind than a town whose train station code is “GOD”? Godalming is located in Surrey by the river Wey. I once visited someone near Guildford and liked the amount of woodland so I thought it would be interesting to go and see what this area looked like. Quite frankly it was the cheapest accommodation in the area I could find.

I chose to go by train despite my partner offering me his car. I wanted to do this on my own so relying on somebody else’s transport didn’t feel right. I actually really enjoy travelling by train. The only nuisance is the changes in-between. Otherwise I love to sit back and watch the world go by. I see lovely houses, their back gardens, woods, fields, lakes. Today I passed two fishing ponds with men enjoying a quiet Sunday perched on stools closely resembling garden dwarfs clutching their fishing rods. I also saw a herd of deer, a fox, a cat and rabbits watching nervously as the train rattled passed. Most glorious of all though is the awe-inspiring yellow of the flowering rape seed fields forming huge yellow carpets. All this I wouldn’t have been able to see or take in properly would I have zoomed past encapsulated in a car.

I decided to walk the 2.2 miles from the train station to the B&B only considering a taxi in the worst case rain scenario which there wasn’t. Instead I was greeted with pure warm sunshine as I stepped onto the platform in the town of “GOD”. The rain caught up with me just before I arrived at the B&B but I made it just in time before the hail storm descended on us and my mobile phone requested to be charged. GPS had sucked the life out of it like a hungry vampire.

I realised how hungry I was so I set off to go and see what the pub had on offer. This was a challenge for me because I firmly believed that it would be odd to go out on your own. Well, this isn’t exactly “going out”, more going to get something to eat. Odd it was, however, still. “Who is she and why is she all on her own?” I hear people think, followed by further ideas and prejudices.

Maybe this is what I should let go of most this time. Other’s thoughts. It doesn’t matter what they think as long as I am happy within myself. It isn’t their life I am living. I live my own.

It is in the human nature to assume and judge, we can’t help it. The reason why we listen in more intensely on someone’s phone conversation is not necessarily only because we are curious but mainly because our brain naturally tries to make sense of half the conversation. The same goes with judging people. Our brain simply tries to get the whole picture about someone. And what it can’t get because it doesn’t have the needed information, it simply makes it up. We are forgiven 🙂

After a lovely posh pub Sunday Roast I take a stroll along the public bridle way leading into the valley. I suck in the earthy smell of wet soil moist from the rain and while listening to the birds chirping together in a big concert I take in the fresh spring green and tiny flowers adding a sprinkle of colour every here and now. I make friends with a massive tree, whose trunk and roots are overgrown with soft green moss. Leaning against him feels like leaning against an old friend. I sigh a deep breath, close my eyes and let go of a big chunk of stress that I have been carrying around with me.

At 6pm I scramble into bed, happy to just lie there and read my book until i drop off to sleep. The evening sun braves the rain, sending its golden light through the clouds despite the falling rain which is coming down in persistent streaks at the same time and I notice how happy and content I am to be able to have this experience.