Sixth Sense vs Common Sense

by Anna

What exactly is the difference between extrasensory and normal perception? And how “normal” is our normal perception? And how big a part does intuition play?

If we think about the development of our five normal senses touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste we acknowledge that they were clearly there when we were born but needed to be experimented with and developed in order to give us the full use of them. If I was to propose that a sixth sense of intuition or higher perception was there just as much as the other senses when we were born but wasn’t given the necessary attention for it to develop properly, it would suggest that we all possess that extra sense but not all of us are aware of it.

Take a person with an auditory or visual impairment for example. One “standard” sense is gone, which gives more emphasis on another sense. In someone who has no eye sight the sense of touch will have developed increasingly stronger .

Some people claim that they are in touch with a higher source or channel the deceased calling themselves medium and are probably right, just that some I have seen possess by far too big an ego. If we conclude that we all have this sense and just the awareness is not there than we really don’t need an ego to stand up for us. We simply need to develop that sense and perception within us.

We all possess a certain degree of intuition, once again depending on the level of awareness and development. I sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between mere common sense and a heightened awareness. Uncountable times have I thought about something and it happened. This raises the question whether I could sense that it would happen, that I made it happen by thinking about it or that it is one of those 50/50 chances that it would probably have happened anyway! Read here about “The Magic of making the Sun shine“.

A few days ago I spoke to someone who was with a person the moment he died. It was expected, but she said that she already worried when she entered the room that he would pass away while she was with him. And she just couldn’t shake off that feeling. Until it happened. This is just one example for the many situations where something similar has happened to me. I don’t just mean cases involving death, but also other more random every day situations. The reason why I mentioned this example is that it made me aware of how really any person has this sense. Because, no offence, but I didn’t think of her as very aware of a sixth sense, I might be wrong. Yet she picked up on it. It seems to be more the intensity of the felt emotions behind the thought when “thoughts come true”. It’s not usually a mere thought that passes but it repeats and nags and gives you an intense sensation. Whenever I think of someone with that intensity I usually get a text from them within the next hour.

According to the mesmerizing Derren Brown, dubbed a ‘psychological illusionist’ by the press, neither mediumship nor any other form of subtle or higher power exists and that it is all just a trick of the mind which is very easily influenced. This I find very fascinating and grounding. Yet, I am also adamant to one day demonstrate to him that there is indeed another dimension  around us which we can work with. I just need to develop that sense properly. And this is the hard part. Because it can’t be proven, because it is so “unreal” and because I doubt myself on so many occasions it is a rocky road to travel on.

I often know what is going to happen but I put it down to common sense. It was clearly logical and made sense that this is what would have happened next. Or was it? Some people might just not think that far ahead. They say they had no idea what was going to happen next. It brings me back to my previous post of the Inner Self. There I described the connection of the brain with our gut feeling. That the gut actually contains the same cells found in the brain, putting the “gut feeling” into a different light. A question that just popped into my head: Does our gut possibly think faster than our brain?

Oh the confusion of it all!

Still I believe that we can all access that higher intuition and make use of it. Just become aware of it! Realise that it is there and feel it, experiment with it!  Take notes of how it works for you. What were the signs, how did it manifest? I have a little book where I write all those things down that were just too obviously not just common sense. And after a few years I now have a little almanac filled with interesting facts and considerations which clearly indicate a system, an accumulation of events that I would long have forgotten about if I hadn’t written it down. This little books helps me over the periods of doubt and makes me more open to explore this fascinating part of myself.

And if we all function from our Inner Self and establish a stable connection to our Higher Self, we automatically obtain a heightened awareness of the world around us. Maybe this is what the Sixth Sense is all about.

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