Trust – The lesson of a life time

by Anna

It is incredible really how much we worry every single day. But being human involves a healthy fight and flight reflex which saved our lives many times in prehistoric history when we had to run for our lives being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger. Our life nowadays is much less eventful, however, it still bears its own dangerous encounters, but I think our orignal sense for fight and flight has much more extended into a constant worry about what “could” happen as to what actually “does” happen.

The epitome of trust is yet again to be true to yourself and to expect only the best to come.

I learn so much from my private clients every time.  Today I had another insight into how important it is to trust.

Working as an Energy Healer, it can be difficult to explain what exactly it is that I do and what effect it can have or how it works. Some are very critical and unsure about it and at times it can interfere with the treatment. It is not necessary to believe in it in order to benefit, but if a client is mentally so distracted or puts a barrier up without even realising it can make it difficult for the energies to flow.

In this instance it did take a little while until I could establish a connection and simply went from there not knowing what impact it would have. At some point I felt very insecure because I don’t want to let people down and I feared that this client would be utterly disappointed with the treatment but  a little voice inside of me suddenly said that this will probably be the best feedback at the end of the session. So I carried on not knowing what would come, simply trusting and allowing for the work to be done.

Lo and behold, she did indeed give me a very detailed feedback of all the sensations she had and it all corresponded with the specific work I had done in those areas. I don’t fish for compliments and never ask for feedback, but when I get it unrequested it does reassure me and shows that at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter, as long as I trust.

I had many encounters in life where I doubted the outcome of an event or worried something bad would happen. And many times did it turn out to be just fine. Setting up life in another country, finding a job, earning money, finding a purpose in life, ending and beginning relationships, making new friends, encountering fears. The list is endless. It is once again the Law of Attraction that is deeply connected to our inner core of trust. “You get what you ask for.” If what you feel to be true to yourself has a deep point of resonance within yourself, it will also resonate without yourself and therefore attract what you ask for. Trust is similar in that it gives you a more secure base to stand on and that you are less likely to be blown over by the rising wind of fear. And it really doesn’t matter what it is that you trust in as long as it gives you that feeling of security and a sense of “all will be well”.

If it is a higher source, a God, a good friend or by all means even your neighbour, find something or someone to trust in. But most of all trust yourself! Because that way you will always be connected to something and have a good knowing of what you build your trust on.

Depending on what you want out of life you will at some point make a decision and pick up the courage and go for it, i.e. having a good amount of trust in yourself and the project ahead. The likelihood for you to achieve a result is inhibited if you don’t think you can do it. You will probably not even try.

Trust in yourself and see the world around you blossoming.
It is spring after all 🙂