That miraculous Inner Self

by Anna

I was asked recently how we know that we are following our inner self. This is interesting because I was already planning to write about that feeling inside of us anyway.

And so I can use these two first sentences as the very first example to explain the wonderous place within us that I call the “Sacred Centre”: Once we’re in it, our life will fall right in front of us.

Let me analyse this a bit closer. I suppose that we could say that our inner self is comparable to our higher self, in that both appear to have a momentum of drive behind them which seemingly comes from nowhere, like our gut feeling, for example.

Apparently, researchers have found the same cells in our gut as we have in our brain which suggests that we indeed “think” with our gut which puts that sensation of knowing that we follow so duly at times of uncertainty into a completely different light.

“Scientists have found evidence of what many of us already suspected: our brains and our guts “talk” to each other. In fact they are so intimately connected that some believe the gut and the brain should be viewed as part of one system.”

The higher self is said to be a connection to our soul and to any other higher consciousness that there may be. Our inner self is most definitely connected to the higher consciousness thread, just that it sits right in our chest and that by connecting with it we take the first step to connecting with the “one consciousness” that permeates everything.

I like the comparison of the connection between the gut and the brain, which is such a perfect example for the same connection between the higher and the inner self. Just like the brain, the higher self is our “transmitter” for higher impulses which are being send right into out heart centre which acts, just like our gut, as a recipient for information which we can access and digest easier than the complex imput from our mind/higher self.

It is easier for us in incarnation as humans to recognize a sensation in our heart centre as a physical sensation instead of just a thought or idea, though mostly we tend to not give it much attention unless we suffer from the poetical “heart ache”. By being in your Sacred Centre you live your truth. And when you live your truth you will experience the beauty of the Law of Attraction at work right in front of your very eyes.

This is what I have come to see as my task in this life time: to help others become aware of that space in their chest, their “Sacred Centre”, and to help them access it.

The idea has been with me for a long, long time and I have simply not been ready for it. But trust me, trust my own Sacred Centre, as soon as I made the conscious decision that I will go forward with it, the Law of Attraction brought in the right people, the right environment and the right ideas. Quite frankly I am still not really sure what I am doing, but it feels right to follow that “gut instinct” and to stay true to myself and let myself be guided by the force of my higher consciousness like driftwood on the sea.

Every so often I stumble over what feels like my own two feet, and I begin to worry. But then I remind myself to listen to myself and to get back into that little space and follow my Sacred Centre.

I will lead a workshop at the end of March, if you are interested, please visit my website for details.