How to have a proper day off

by Anna

I am terribly guilty of packing my days off with all those important and often vitally necessary stuff from studying to shopping and rarely take time off properly for what it is meant to be: a day off from all the hustle and bustle.

Now, I am certain that I am not alone with this attitude considering most of us have a very all-encompassing and over consuming life, but consider this: never mind the proverb “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Put it off anyway, at least for once in a while.

It does help, in my case, to have a dear friend who is mad enough to create a list of 71 points on how to seize the day ( Point 37 on her list was to create a home retreat for one day. And I was lucky enough to be part of it. What at first sound like she just wanted to show me a yoga DVD turned out to be a perfectly choreographed day without me having to worry a thing and to be able to simply just relax and go with it. I do wonder, however, if she actually managed to get the same contentment out of it as me, since she clearly was the “maîtresse de maison” 🙂

We started following instructions for a Kundalini Yoga session on the telly screen which wasn’t as hard as I had feared it would be. Yet my bones did make all sorts of noises…yes I have been putting off some of my morning yoga sessions in favour of other worldly commitments…

Then she created a beautiful light lunch of salad with carrots, olives, beetroot, celery, rocket and hard boiled eggs which was soo yummy and refreshing. She can be very territorial though when it comes to food, even in my own kitchen!

Her scheduled walk was abandoned due to torrentuous rain but instead we took to pens, watercolours, crayons and paper and indulged in an activity of painting and drawing which we both felt like we haven’t done for far too long. It was like being back in kindergarten – so happy and content.

And then, there was even more. She mashed up an avocado and mixed it with a little olive oil and we splashed it all over our face. Again, just like back in kindergarten, the pure gist of mashing up stuff and smearing it on your face. And the most beautiful thing: while we let it soak in and do its job on our face, we layed back down on our yoga mats and listened to a guided meditation. All the way one of my friend’s cats curled up on my legs mildly massaging them with its purring. Oh, the sheer beauty of it all..

Finally I was allowed to approach the dining table that has been my focus of attention since my arrival for it was loaded with books that had such fascinating and interesting titles to look at that I found it hard to just ignore them. But throughout the morning I was again and again promptly reminded to get the hell away from them. Yes, I do have a weakness when it comes to interesting books. But now that I was allowed to just curl up on the sofa with books and a cat on my lap I made the most of it.

In between we had herbal teas with detoxifying properties and there were endless opportunities to cuddle and stroke cats which has such a tremendous therapeutic effect on relaxing your mind and soul. I can only stress to do something in the line yourself. And do it sooner rather than later! Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by your everyday stress, take a day off. And make sure you take it off properly!