Inner Child

by Anna

I very much enjoy a walk along the sea with my feet in the water, be it barefoot or (considering it is winter) with wellies. Here it is best to go at low tide because it unveils the otherwise hidden sand of our pebble beach. There are hardly any people down there, during summer you will encounter a few more. It enables me to switch off my thoughts and get absorbed by the thundering and splashing of waves.

Another distraction are the many things you can find. Besides crabs, shells and other curious things I find it hard to walk past any stone that has a natural hole formation. And there are thousands of them on our beaches! I put them into my pocket with a big smile on my face.

Also with that same big smile will I climb over groins (wooden barriers to stop the tide from pushing the pebbles along the coast) when the tide comes in again and stops me from walking further along the water line. The best bit is the jump down!

The sea water has an interesting charge to it. As soon as my feet touch it, it feels like there is a release of electricity taking place. I feel more relaxed. And as I wander along the edge of the sea with my nose in the wind and my eyes squinting into the sun I can forget all worries and sorrow and nurture my inner child to the full.

What does your inner child enjoy? Do you devote some time every week, or even every day, to give it the attention it craves? Give it a go and notice the difference it makes in your life!