by Anna

Yesterday I was working with a lady who has congenital blindness and while I was helping her to get ready in the morning she said that she wanted to look good today because Dreamboat would come and visit her later in the afternoon. At first I thought that she was just referring to a friend until I realised with a little surprise that actually there were more feelings involved.

“He’s one of the residents at my home and I am a bit potty about him”, she said.

My very first, hugely naive thought was whether Dreamboat was just as potty about her and my mind followed its own trail wondering how, or if he could love her. And how would she know what she was getting herself into? Yes, I am aware of how inhuman that sounds. Our minds are so judgemental…

She asked me to make sure her hair looked decent and while I was listening to her repetitive words my train of thoughts brought me to the wonderful realisation that she simply loved him for who he was!

This shines a radiant beam of light into the common misconception of love. Here was this lady, born blind, who goes potty about a guy from her home. It clearly shows that our feelings for someone count so much more than just looks.

If we were all to stop looking without eyes for the perfect partner, nobody would be alone. Of course we can’t generalize here, but just to hold the thought that there would be a dreamboat for everyone, if only we would let them.